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Rowell's Moving and Hauling

& Unwanted Appliance Removal

If you are searching for unwanted appliance removal specialists, Eric Rowell's Moving and Hauling can assist you. We are a respected moving and hauling company known for our hard work, attention to detail and honesty. We have been in this sector for a long time and we use our wealth of knowledge to give our clients an outstanding service. If you want Rowell's moving and hauling to help you more or haul anything, we have you covered. We happily serve Sea Isle City, NJ and other nearby cities including Mays Landing, Ocean City, Cape May and Atlantic.

When you upgrade your home with new kitchen equipment and you are wondering where to take your old ones, worry no more. Eric Rowell's Moving and Hauling has assembled a team which is highly trained in unwanted appliance removal. Whether it’s a fridge, cooker, grill, dishwasher, or dryer, we can take it. We can also help you to get rid of any old or unusable items that are cluttering your home or office. Our work formula has been tested and proven and we operate fast, safely and effectively. We work in close collaboration with you, so you can rest assured that only the items you don’t need will be hauled away. 

If you want to donate some items you have, partner with Eric Rowell's Moving and Hauling. Whether it is furniture or electronics, we can donate it to charity. You don’t have to feel stressed about how you will remove the heavy furniture from your home. We will lift and load all items without causing scratches, dents or any damage to your walls, doors or other surfaces. Here, we arrive early, with a spacious van and with a positive mindset. By working with us, you will be helping the community. No one is better than Rowell's moving and hauling in Sea Isle City, NJ and other nearby towns such as Mays Landing, Ocean City, Cape May and Atlantic, talk to us today!

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